Saturday, November 8, 2008

The End is NEar!

Firends, I've been away from this bogger for awhile because I was two busy with ohter stuff, mostly going around the cuntory on behalve of Senator John McClaine. We wroked hard to get the right man elected, but the American people betrayed us. They voted for the Marksist Socailist Brokeback Omaha nad now the country will turn into the USSA, The United Socialist States of America. Fear not my friends for we will soon be with our Lord since this is moste obviously a major sign of the end times. As such I am working on a new campaign. This campaign is the biggest the world has ever seen. This is a campaign to make shure the chosen know that the end times are coming and that they need to prepare themselves for the Second Coming. Repent my friends for we are all sinners and even we, the chosen, most repent to remain chosen. I will start for us. I was a bad father. The other thing I was busy with the last 6 weeks was trying to save my son who I had faled. He had entered a relationship of sin with a black man. I have to blame myself since I obviusly did not impart thr right Christian values within him. Four this I must repent to right myself with Jesus.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just as we new was going to happen is happening

We all new that it was going to go liek this. The librul media is triing to give this election to Brokeback Omaha. They are taking poles and lieing about the results, that is the way they are giong now. The poles results taht they are showing to us now show claim to show that Baroke Osama is leading by about 5 or 6 percetn. How can they lie like this? Don't they no what God does to lyares? Well they don't reely lie so much as they desine the pole so that Osama is leading. My friend Joe Bob tode me that he got a call from one of these peepole hoo do poles and he said the question they asked him was,"if the elexion was held today whould you vorte for Babar Osama or Hilery Clinton?" That's how they do it! They get peepole who arent' paying a tension to what is going on confused by saying Baboon Omama is running againgst someone he isn't. He isn't running agenst Hiler CLinton, he;s running against John McCain! And the poles show that John McLain is only losing by 5 or 6 points! Even though he isn't even named as one of the candydates!! The reallyality of the situacion is that real AmeriCANs aren't bying the librul propoganda. If they took the poles honestly it would show that McCain is up by at least 30 persent!

The wrongies over at the Lattice of Coinsidense link to a website called This site calims to show that Obama is going to win the election by lots of electory votes. Of course this site is rigged against John McCane. First off all it uses poleing numbers that I've already proved to be wrong. secondly I've done some research on the person that runs that web cite. It turns out that he is a self proclained liberul and possibly even a communist. How do I no this? He went to a school called The University of Chicago. This school is located in a nayborhood called Hyde Park. This is the nayborhood that Obama lives in and is the scool that Omaha taut at. So obviously it is byassed for Omaha. My friends we have to let peepole know the truth, and that is what I'm doing hear.

My name is Brain Dead Bob and I approve this massage.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Great Weak Fore America

I've been not updating this for a while becuse I was up in Saint Pall for the Republican Nashional Confection. It was a very good time and it shoed America whut the truth is. It let everbudy know that Brokeback Omaha is a fake and the John McCane is a grate true AmeriCAN and that Sarah Palen is truely what AmeriCAN has been urining fore. Not only is she a very beutifull womin, but she tells the Demacrats bullspit what it is and that is bullspit. It was too bad the hurricain Gustaph kept George W Busch away along with Dick Chenye, it would have been nice for us to be abel to selebrate them and all the good they done for os since they becatme presidunt and vise presidunt. Randy I have too tell you that you shuld have excepted my invitasion and come too. I got to talk tot hte nice looking Ashen wirter Michale Malten. She was a very nice lady and was very honust about whut a bad person Brarock Osoama is.

I also need to point out how good the poles are for John McCain write now and they will onley get better! I no whut your thinknign, wy should I care whut tha Poles think about McCaine, they arent even AmeriCAN. Well I have to say that you our mistaken. I'm not talking about peepole form the country of Poland, which I must ad has ben very supportiff of us in the Middle Eeast, but poles where peepole ask other peeople who they are going to vort for. McClain is now winning acording ot all the importent wons that matter.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Chosen One Speaks and Paylin

Last nite the chosen one spoked at the Demacartic Nashional Confection. He gave a long speech that didn't say antyhing. He was tyring to recreeight the Marting Luthor Kins Jr. speech that Marting Luther King gave 45 years ago in 1962 at the Lincun Memorial. HE faled. He was saying the McClane is Bush, like that is a bad thing or sumthign. He was also talking about giving a lot of stuff to peeploe who are lazy by taking it from those of us who axtually werk for a living. Anywhay even if he did succeede in recreeighting that speach, it would have ben know good. Marting Lother King was trying to sestroy America because he was anti American. Like the chosen one he opposed America fightong wars to defend itself fron the peeploe who hate us for our freedum. He stood on a stage like he was som kind of fashist like Hittler or somehting liek that. But he wood be a Hittler for the blacks putting us white peepole int o slavery becasue he's a radical unArmerican hater of what are country stand four. If he is elected we will all be in truble.

Today Johns MacLane annunced that his running mait is going t obe Sarah Palin, the beautiful governor of Alaska, (Randy, maybe she has a sister for yoo?!), This was a brillant choice becuse a lot of wimen are angry that the chosen one didn't pick Hillary Clinton. These wimen will most definately for for McLain now. Also he'll get more men to vote for him that Omama wood have if he chose Hillary becuse Payling is hot and Hillary is not and a lezbian to boot. Did I menshun that Sara is hot? My son doesn't seem to think so. He is a bit strange. He's 22 and has not ben merried yet. When I was his age I was merried and had 3 children already. He has none.

I am Brain Dead Bob and I approve this massage.

Monday, August 25, 2008


The Demacrats started there confection today and they are really showing there true collors. The had a prime speeking spot for Teddy "Chapaquiptic" Kennedy. He din't talk about how he killed that gurl, becuse demacrats are killers and have no remoors. Michale Obaba also talked about whut her hubsand would do as presidunt. It is scarey stuff, we will all be maid slaves which those perverts at the confection from Sand Fransiko think is a sex game. It isn't. It is bad that the demacrats want to make slaves of good God fearing AMERICANS. wE HAVE to make shure that that does not happen. We have to show peepole what it is that the damocraps are takling about. That they want to make slaves of God fearing AMERICANS. Reel AMERICANS. Hard working AMERICANS. WHite AMERICANS> Remember we half to say no and make shure our frends so no to commie islamofashisn.

I'm Brain Ded Bob and I approve this message.


This is really improtant espesahally the part abot wher obama wold not car if pepel aborted there baby girls so they cold have boys. He is a monster. Thank you Rush! Rush is stil the best voce out there. Anyway I copyed this for evryone in case they mised it on the sho. I did not but that is I almost forget about it and then I remembered and fond it on his web.

Obama Compares United States Unfavorably to China and Russia

August 22, 2008

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RUSH: Here is Obama after the cameras had shut down.

OBAMA: Everybody's watching what's going on in Beijing right now in the Olympics. Think about the amount of money that China has spent on infrastructure. Their ports, their train systems, their airports are all vastly superior to us now, which means if you're a corporation deciding where to do business, you're starting to think Beijing looks like a pretty good option.

RUSH: There he goes again running down the United States. Do you know the United States of America's economy is more than that of Germany and Japan combined, but here he is, infrastructure, they're doing it right, the communists, ladies and gentlemen, the communists are doing better than we are at infrastructure, airports, train systems, sports, and if you're an American corporation, why, it makes sense to go over there. Hey, Obama, what do you think they've been doing for the last number of years? Where do you think Nike makes its shoes that you wear playing pickup basketball? Where do you think Apple is making the iPhone?


RUSH: Here, listen to Obama yesterday, Chester, Virginia, one more time.

OBAMA: Everybody's watching what's going on in Beijing right now and the Olympics. Think about the amount of money that China has spent on infrastructure. Their ports, their train systems, their airports are all vastly superior to us now, which means if you're a corporation deciding where to do business, you're starting to think, Beijing looks like a pretty good option.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, this is breathtakingly politically stupid. I don't care how hateful you are of America, there are just certain things that you're not going to be able to pass off to people. China, a better place to live than the United States of America? Well, maybe if you don't mind pollution controls that don't exist. Maybe if you don't care that people are employed at slave-labor wages -- and maybe, if you don't care that construction standards in the countryside are so slipshod and shallow that they allow of collapse of thousands of buildings, including schools, so that when an earthquake hits it killing tens of thousands of people -- if that stuff just doesn't bother you, then I guess maybe China does look pretty good to you.

Now, the Anointed One has said a lot of stupid things recently, but the idea that totalitarian eye candy engineering proves that Beijing is better than America is near the top of the list. This guy got all of his information from watching the Olympics. Of course, the stuff that they have put on the Olympics, the venues that they built, yeah, "eye candy" is exactly what it is, like that Birds Nest stadium and the swimming cube and all these other places, but who in the world's out here telling The Messiah that China's living standards are far away better than ours, infrastructure is far better than ours? Well, who's telling him this? Or does he just think it? Lorie Byrd today,, has a really good column, the case against Obama in his own words, and she says that some of these gaffes that he makes are not really gaffes. They're stupidity.

"Last May, he claimed that tornadoes in Kansas killed a whopping 10,000 people: 'In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died -- an entire town destroyed.' The actual death toll: 12. Earlier this month in Oregon, he redrew the map of the United States: 'Over the last 15 months, we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I've now been in 57 states. I think one left to go.' ... Last March, on the anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march in Selma, Ala., he claimed his parents united as a direct result of the civil rights movement: 'There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Ala., because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born.' Obama was born in 1961. The Selma march took place in 1965."

So his gaffes go beyond simple slips of the tongue and confusion, and just display a lack of knowledge on important issues. As the case when he commented on the war in Afghanistan, the "lack of translators." You all remember that. And, you know, here's something else. Actions speaker louder of words. Lorie Byrd did some research here. "According to Obama's tax returns from 2000-2006, the Obamas have given far less to charity than John McCain has. In all but the two most recent years reported, the Obamas gave around 1% or less of their income to charity. Their contributions increased in 2005 and 2006 to 4.7% and 6.1% respectively, but still are far short of those of McCain who gave 28.6% in 2006 and 27.3% in 2007." But what about his concern for "the least among us."

Words, words, words, but no deeds, no actions. By the way, in terms of living conditions in China, hundreds of millions of Chinese live in the countryside without regular access to utilities, education, or clean water and modern farming equipment. About half of the Chinese hover right around malnutrition and no education. They cannot feed a billion people! They cannot feed their population. They can put on a good eye candy show and somebody as simpleminded and as oriented toward America loathing as Barack Obama, can come out -- and once again, audio sound bite number one, listen to this one more time.

OBAMA: Everybody's watching what's going on in Beijing right now the Olympics. Think about the amount of money that China has spent on infrastructure. Their ports, their train systems, their airports are all vastly superior to us now, which means if you're a corporation deciding where to do business, you're starting to think, Beijing looks like a pretty good option.

RUSH: Yeah, they don't have any environmentalist wackos to deal with! They don't have any big government regulations. They can put up cheap buildings. They can put up all kinds of cheap infrastructure, eye candy. But this guy is salivating over a totalitarian system and the power that the Chinese government has, and he is using that to say they are a better country than the United States. Well, why don't you go over there and seek the presidency of that country, sir? This next Obama sound bite's outrageous. This is yesterday in Lynchburg, Virginia.

OBAMA: We've got to send a clear message to Russia and unify our allies that they can't charge into other countries with impunity. Of course, it helps if we are leading by example on that front.

RUSH: All right. So once again, Obama compares our incursion into Iraq as a similar moral equivalent example of the Russians going into Georgia. You have to ask the question: "Is he just stupid, or is he pandering here to this wacko, nutcase fringe base of his?" We spent a year and a half there at the UN. There were 14 resolutions, maybe more. We had allies going into Iraq. We also had some people opposing us. But we just didn't march in under the cover of darkness when nobody knew it. Hussein knew we were coming. Everyone knew. We had built up the whole thing for a year and a half. We had given Hussein ample time to show that he didn't have weapons of mass destruction. And this man, the Democrat presidential nominee -- who did not even consider Hillary Clinton as his number two, this man -- has the audacity, twice in one day, to compare the United States to both Russia and China, and in both instances finds the United States failing, finds the United States in second place. The country that has given him a life and an opportunity he could have found in no other country on this planet, and he is not grateful for a single thing this has done for him. He has a sense of entitlement, apparently. I don't understand the lack of gratitude somebody like Obama has for the greatest place on earth. I can certainly understand there are America haters out there and he is obviously one of them, but it makes no sense politically to seek the presidency of the United States broadcasting the fact that you hate your own country. That's why I question the political acumen and general baseline intelligence here that this little man-child operates from.


RUSH: We'll start with Zeissel in Chicago. You're next on the EIB Network, ma'am. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. It's Ziessel from Chicago. First, you sort of beat me to it, but I wanted to make the point that China is a nation that's filled with starving rural people that barely have enough food to eat. And they have terrible medical care, if they get any. That's my first point. Barack Obama just conveniently doesn't know his facts. He's living in a fantasy world, like most of the liberals out there. Number two, I wanted you to know, and your public to know that I just went into a Borders bookstore today on the north side of Chicago to buy some books to take on vacation. Not one on John McCain. The first floor has many Barack Obama books. In fact, there's a special section in the store with a sign dedicated to Obamamania.

RUSH: Well, of course, it's Chicago. Everybody knows that Mayor Daley runs the bookstores and the magazine stands. Mayor Daley runs everything, runs Obama, for crying out loud. One other thing about China, and this is I'm sure something else Obama really admires. The one-child policy. Chinese couples are allowed one child because they can't feed all of their people, and most people want a son, and if they are pregnant with a daughter, what do they do? They abort! And they keep aborting until they get a son. Now, that's a policy Obama can support! That's a policy Obama likes. He's for infanticide. It is not an overstatement to say so. He's got two daughters, I know, but liberals, Snerdley, they exempt themselves from their own stupidity, from their own danger. Now, somebody ought to ask him, "Senator Obama, when did you and your wife Michelle (My Belle) Obama decide that your daughters were human beings? At what point did they have human rights, Senator?" This guy is a dangerous joke, an absolute dangerous joke. I'm sitting here, folks, I'm loving this. I still can't get over the fact that this diss of Hillary and Bill Clinton is the largest show of disrespect the Democrat Party has shown these two ever in their lives. I'll tell you something, there's tension between these two, and you know it ain't about policy, 'cause they don't disagree much on policy. It's personal, and it's only going to get worse. When this gets out, once the Hillary babes find out the true nature of this show of lack of respect, what a time to be a spectator in politics.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obsama Bin Biden

So Baroke Omaha has maid his choyce for Vice Presidunt. It is Joe Bidin. Hes a senator from Delawear. He ran for president before, too times. In 1988 he had to kwit the race because he stoled other peopoles' words and sed they were his own. Then he ran agen this year and had too kwit becuse nobody wnated him to be presidunt. So why wood anyone want him to bee Vice Presdint?

Today they both gave speaches in Springfeeld Illinoy today. Springfeeld is the capitole of Illinoy and is famus for being where Abraham Lincun was from. Lincun raged war agenst AMERICANS. That is a good setting for Obsama Bin Biden as it shoes there true collors to REAL AMERICANS. They sed they want change, well I don't got any for them. Imagine that begging for spear change wile running fro presidint and vise presidint. Get jobs and stop spending all yore muney on drugs and you might not have to beg for spere change. Or maybe Omaba could have his boyfrend give him sum muney. Wat's that I just sed? Boyfrend? Yes. In his speach Omama said that he loves that man, Dick Durbin. Or mebbe his name is really Dick Inmuslimterroristsass?

Now dumocrats want us to elect peepole who are muslim and cathlic? Are they seryus? Cathlics submit to the anti criste in Rome, muslems are evan worst. Also Omala sed that he was there 19 moths ago starting his candidacy back in Febuary 2007. Genius, this is August 2008 that meens that Febuary 2007 was 18 moths ago. He can't evan to math and he thnks we shood let me be presidient? I don't think so mister lucifer.

Also Joe bin Biden today saed that Obaba was on food stamsp groing op. That just shoes that he mooches off of society. I herd someone saying that John McLaine shood not be presidint because he was only 854 out of 859 in his gratulating class and the Navel Academy in Anaanapolis Marylind. So? Those wear the 859 smartest peepole his age becuce those are the onlly wons that get to the Naval Academee. What idd Olabama do in college? All I konw is he went to Coulumbia and Harvard, he probablee got specal pregferences to get in.

Go Jon McLian

My name is Brian Dead Bob and I approve this massage.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I read the news with a lot of wrry today about Pakistan and the Mosharrefe (thats like the president in Pakistanni) that had to quit becaus his people wanted tosupport Osama and the terrists. It gos to show yo that we can't give up what we are doing in Iraq and in the north of Pakistan in the region the Russins attac kd once. Afganistan. We hav to make rsur that the places are kept saft from the terrists and now you never no becuse the Russins might attak it to. EWrybody needs oil and theres a lot of oil in those places to which is how the peopel there got all this mony they have.

Alot of pepel are watching the olimpics now so it is like the Russins can do wahteer and nobody will notice so we should be careful. Thank God for George Bush becaus you know hes watching and making sure the Russins dont do anything now taht the Pakistanni peole dont have a presdient. Thank GOD! Thats rite. It is like Brain Dead sade taht if there is a God HE is not getting pade for it like OGodlessama sade wile John MCcrain couldnot hear him becaus he was busy before he ansered. And then MSNBC with the Kevin Fedrman guy he gets me so angree! and he said John MCcain is a cheeter but he is not a cheeter he doesn ot need to cheet but Keven Fedrmen does. That is wh y he doesn't do sports anymore and I did not like him when he dis sports because he is such a no it all elitest. They want to make evry thing complacated but it is not complacated it is easy becaus it is fite terrists and win or dye. And do not make Americans pay all that they mak on taxes becas rodes and schools only cost a lot of mony becaus of unions and the mobs. And at leest the mob has honer.

So i am worred on a lot of stuff today and you should think about whats goeng to hapen if Obsama Hussane wins in the election. Becaus now with Pakistanni wich is the only cuntry there that liks us without a presdient you can bet that terrists are going to move in and make it bad and then the Russins will be able to attak so we need pepel that can tell the russin that they cannot attak even if the Pakistannis dont have a Moshurefe anymor and the olimpics are on.

Monday, August 18, 2008

It is soe obbeeous

It is so obveeous that John McClaine is the best candydat for presidunt I don no why the ameriCANT libruls cant figger that oute. Anywon hoo watched there discussions with Pastor Rick Warrden at the Saddelcrick Church this wwekend will no why the liberuls are wining this week. There saviour Brokeback Omama was thorolee trached by the great John McLain. Omaha sed somehting about conseptshun being abouve his pay graed. What is tath about? Silly anti Christ liberul. Of course life starts at contraception, that what it says in THE BIBLE! You no THE BIBLE. Tht's the book that AMERICA was founded on. But that just the theng with thees liberuls, they are not good GOD feering people. They want to kill inosent babies and let the murders like Usame ben Laden live. The are saying that John McClaim cheeted because he wasnt at the churh when Olaboma starting trying to asnwer the questions from the Pastor Rick Warner. WHy shood he have ben? He wasn't being asked questions then. Nobody asks why Hillary Clinton wasn't their when Ombama was answering quesitons. Why doesn't the manestreem nedia ask that question? We know the anser, it's becuase the media is in cahootes with evil doesr tring to destroy AMERICA. We no hoo the evil doers is. THey are Mulsim Terrists in compunktion with reform Jews and atheeists and environMENTALists amung other anti AMERICAN satinists. They want evereewon to talk Spanish hair so that we wont know wat is happening, they can't fool us real AMERICANS. Wear onto yoo new world order types who work for lucifer and the communists Islamic fundamentalsists. We are a nation for Chrsit nad not those who rejcet GOD and CHRITS and we need to get back to dooing GOD's werk and prepearing for hte finle battle.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's going to make you cry

My frend Brain Dead Bob told me about his "blog" and asked me to write some for him when I feel like it. Thank you Brain Dead. I had to invent a thing for goofle but they let me and I ddidnt tell them it was me because I heard they give iunformation to the Chinase. And Brain Dead only calls himself that becaus the "elitists" make fun of us for thinking American! USA! ZBut I hav to say some stuff about other suff to.

I havf something to say rigt away thogh. This attack by the Russian of their providence ZGorgia, don't worry! It is not are Gorgia but anuther place that is not in are country (USA!!!!!!!!!( but it is tstill a place of innacince and it has been very bad to watch it. Pictchers from there are really bad and sad. Dead people and crying pepole and covered in blood a lot of times.

And the liberuls don't want to do anything of course. I mean, its Russia all over agian! And they love the Iranan mulim terrists (and I'm not going to apalligize for calling them muslim because they are and all the pc peopel half to admit it) and still all the liberuls are complneing about the war in Iraq evcen thugh we are winning and nowwe might half to fite the Russians but the liberuls are afrade because they are even afrade of Iraq.

But Russia is a bully and wat we mite have to do now that we are winning in Iraq is make some of the other troops, maybe the ones were not using right now but who are getting reddy, instead of sending them to Iraq or whateverstan we can send them to Gordgia. And the russian presdent the one that is Pootin I think, he will have to lissen to us becuse we are the gretest country in the world and the most powerful. The liberuls are all bout this place in Africa called Darfur. It's this little country near the Sudan and Etheopia. Anyway, all the Darfur peopel are killing themselfs and the liberuls are saying we should do something about them killing themsels and then in Gorgia were Russians are attaking the innisnet peepel the liberuls are saying we should not do anything becuse they still love that russia used to be communist (until a man you might now as Ronald Reagen kicked there buts!). And now sumbody told me that Jon Edwards and Bill Clinton had an affare with the same lady!!!

So pepel are dying and the democrats are having sex with each others women! Or woman!

But menewhile when they stop having sex with each other they want us to invent new fules! Well you cant invent oil only God can invent oil and theres no mre then what we got now! And we half so much oil under the ochen that if we just drill we will have a lot of oil forever. But the democratic terrists do not want to hurt dolfins and seagulls. It really is enouf to make you cry.
Thank God we are beating the Chinase in the olimpics then becus I could not stand it if that nice boy Michel Phelps had not won the 8th gold medel becuse befor that it was a guy named Mark Spitz who was a Zgerman from World War two.

Just be careful becuse if John MCcain loses we will all lose and the Chinase and the Russins will beat us at everythign! And the next Gorgia that is invaded will be are Gorgia and you can quote me on that becuse its true. Osama scares me a lot.